Why Travel Health Insider?

There are numerous resources available to navigate through and we understand how overwhelming that can be, especially when it comes to travel health and safety. Much of the trusted information published may not be the easiest to understand either for the everyday traveler.

This is where Travel Health Insider comes in.

We understand that there are numerous resources available to navigate through, so I’m glad you stopped by.

We want the information I put out here to be easily digestible to the everyday traveler. Travel Health Insider was designed to be a traveler-friendly hub where experienced and new travelers could access tips, information, and recommendations on products as they prepare for their next trip.

Please note that Travel Health Insider is not here to assess, diagnose, or prescribe (please read through our Disclaimer). 

We recommend you find a Travel Medicine Specialist nearest you by checking the CDCInternational Society of Travel Medicine (ISTM)American Society of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene (ASTMH), or speak with your doctor for any medical advice, prescriptions, and vaccines you will need for your upcoming trip.

Other Helpful Resources:

CDC: Travelers’ Health
WHO International Travel and Health 

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